Go Obama! Go!

Not having to face a re-election campaign can do wonders for a sitting President's approval rating and  legacy. Obama has been on a tear issuing executive orders and taking positions all designed to benefit those in need of a champion - the Mr. and Mrs. John Does. He has proven once and for all that he has calgione . Shining example, he now advocates the elimination of the forced leasing of cable boxes. This ripoff by cable companies costs the consumer over $200 per year. For what? An antiquated piece of electronics. One has only to look at the history of the telephone to appreciate what the end of leasing can mean for cable boxes.

Enough about cable boxes. The purpose of this post is to put forth a proposal that the term for POTUS be limited to one term only for six years. Not faced with months of political maneuvering a President could concentrate on governing. At least it would get us closer to the benefits of a parliamentary  form of government.

Obama has eight months left to work on his legacy. I have the felling that at long last we have the President we thought we elected in 2008. Bravo Obama!

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