Technological Advances Must Respect The Environment

GE has announced that they will phase out the production of CFL bulbs by the end of the year. The heir to household illumination will be LED bulbs. Other manufacturers are sure to follow. Applause! We will now have access to even more energy efficient light bulbs. Before we get carried away with a standing ovation, let us remember what the demise of CFL will mean in terms pollution. These gadgets rely on mercury to do their job. One just does not throw in the trash barrel once their usefulness has ended. Home Depot will accept them for recycling but I wonder what will happen when more and more CFL's are disposed of.

It would be worthy of a standing ovation if along with ceasing production of CFL's, corporations would also announce a program to make sure that the mercury in CFL's does not make our fragile environment even more fragile.

Advancement in technology is great as long as being responsive to the dangers these advancements may pose is part of the progress.

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