Campaign 2016 a.k.a Apocalypse 2016

Apparently there is a campaign going on for the nomination of presidential candidates for the lofty office of President of the United States. As far as I'm concerned, this is the first time in my voting history that I feel disenfranchised. There is not a candidate in either major party that excites me as the person to tackle the problems facing this democracy. One of the lightweights still in the race will end up as President.

My tenure on this earth is measured in months and optimistically in  years, so the impact of the November, 2016 results will be minimal.My heart goes out to those with a longer life span who must endure the likes of a Trump, Cruz, Rubio, Clinton, or Sanders.

When we start considering who is the best of a poor field we should also prepare ourselves for the decline of the United States of America. AS I indicated previously, it is not really my problem. I pity my heirs.

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