Musings by any other name smell the same

To muse is to meditate. To meditate is to think contemplatively. To think contemplatively is to think studiously. To think studiously is to think painstakingly. To think painstakingly is to think diligently. My posts are not the result of diligent, painstaking, studious, contemplative meditation. It follows therefore that the title of this blog is a misnomer. Choosing "musings" as part of the title could be considered an abuse of poetic license. More importantly, only a muse under the influence of booze would use  "Museful"' as a pseudonym. Be that as it may, as an old codger I have paid my dues and claim the privilege of age if not that of a sage. Change the title? After some painstaking contemplation it became apparent that musings by any other name would smell the same.

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