Happy Indigenous People's Day????

Happy "Indigenous People Day"! Today some of us will choose to honor Christoforo Colombo. The Seattle, Washington City Council has chosen instead to honor Native-Americans. The implication is that Columbus was responsible for the genocide carried out by our forefathers. Columbus opened up a new world. He did not settle it. The trespassers from the old world chose to make the new world theirs, even at the cost of decimating the people indigenous to the land. I wonder why Seattle did not choose Thanksgiving Day as Indigenous People Day. The hypocrisy associated with the First Thanksgiving would have fit that of celebrating a Indigenous People Day. I wonder when we will sack some traditional holiday in favor of a day honoring Black-Americans who suffered at least as much oppression as Native-Americans. Oh yes, we have Martin Luther King Day. Give Dr. King credit. He did not usurp a traditional holiday although he had every right to do so.

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