You can't make a silk purse out of a Sow's ear

Saddam Hussein's statue came down and Bush declared, "Mission accomplished". Actually the mission was closer to demolished and Obama had to pick up the pieces. The pieces went together in a make shift fashion and Obama finally announced that the mission was as accomplished as it could be and the Iraq War was over. ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) raised its bloodthirsty head and said 'hold the fort, nothing is over until Iraq is destroyed'. And thus began another Iraq War. This one would be different . We would not have American boots on the ground ( neither would the Iraq security force). Only advisers - 300 of them. Wow! Three hundred advisers will accomplish what thousands of combat troops were unable to accomplish. Bull shit! I have to agree with Rand Paul - we should never have been involved in the first place and we should not be involved now. Iraq with its rival religious sects is a poor excuse for a country. At best it is a coalition of religious antagonists posing as politicians. As the High Primal has reminded me a number of times, when the British carved up The Ottoman Empire they used a dull knife. As other nations before us, we were unsuccessful in picking up the scraps they left. It is time to admit that as far as Iraq is concerned, you can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear ( I trust that the clerics will not consider that as blasphemous). Our involvement  should be confined to making our democracy as strong as we we possibly can, both economically and militarily.

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