Futbol 1 - Baseball 0

Woe be to me! I'm afraid I have angered the Baseball Gods. I did the unforgivable yesterday. Three innings into the Indians-Mariners game , I switched over to World Cup futbol (Costa Rica vs Greece). To make matters worse, I enjoyed the game.  I was impressed with the athleticism of the players. As far as I'm concerned, they put our brawny football players to shame.  I also now understand why there is such an outpouring of emotions when a goal is scored - it is damn difficult. I could become a futbol soccer fan ( once I come to terms with a penalty kick shoot off) . The low scoring doesn't bother me. After all, I'm an Indians fan. Oh yes, the Indians. The Baseball Gods had their revenge - Indians 0  Mariners 3. Indians 1 hit, Mariners 10.

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