Where have the statesmen gone?

Where have the statesmen and or stateswomen, enlightened leaders and dedicated legislators gone? They must be out there someplace. Or have they been repelled by greedy politicians? Low blow! I'm sure the preference is pragmatic politicians. Whatever or whoever they are, our representatives are letting us down. Politicians have made it perfectly clear that their first loyalty is to their political party. If there is any loyalty to spare their countrymen may be tossed a bone.

Needed legislation is on a merry-go-round.The chances of  immigration reform are practically nil until the mid-term elections are over. Raise the minimum wage? Don't bet on it - another third rail before elections. As a matter of fact any meaningful bill that impacts the wealth of the one per-centers is dead on arrival. They have so many congressional wimps in their hip pocket. Then there is gun control. The NRA not only has Congressmen in its hip pocket it has most potential presidential candidates in its front pocket.

Any action designed to fight global warming has about as much of a chance as a snowball in hell. Climate change action not only is a no-no around election time, it is a no-no supported by "Big Money" lobbyists year 'round. As one politician after another stands in denial of global warming, one can picture Nero fiddling while Rome burns. Not even the scientific evidence that the Antarctica ice shelf has disintegrated has stirred much comment in government circles. For that matter, neither has the media taken up the fight for climate control. Everyone is too busy with the NBA team owner scandal and the NFL draft.

It could be argued that once the midterm elections are over the new Congress will set aside witch hunts and will address the problems facing the country with a sincere desire to resolve them. Whoa!! Someone is forgetting that the big prize is up for grabs in 2016. There will be no time to focus on any action which might give one party or the other an edge. There will only be time for posturing and digging up material to destroy a perceived front runner.

Lets face it. Modern politics in the United States is all about winning elections. Nothing wrong with that except it has become a full time effort. Its as though the legislative branch of government is on a perennial recess. What to do?  Reform campaign laws - fat chance. A strong executive branch willing to lead at all cost might help but that's where I began. Where are these statesmen and enlightened leaders?

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Charles Leck said...

You know, Americans of every stripe and type agree completely with you -- as I do! But we just don't know what to do about it. One possible answer lies in voting as wisely as one can and because some terribly funders spew lies and hate.