Look For The Silver Lining

A Jerome Kearns song urges us to look for the silver lining and try to find the sunny side of life. Makes sense to me. There's more to life besides losing sleep over global warming, civil wars, genocide, terrorist attacks, gun violence, life threatening diseases, corrupt politics, abuse of power by the one per-centers, on and on. There is a silver lining somewhere. The trick is to find it. We cannot ignore the problems which surround us. We can acknowledge our part in their creation, pack away our guilt and resolve to do better. In our search for that silver lining, cherishing one's family and giving them the love they deserve is a good start. Having compassion and support for those in need furthers the process. Setting aside cynicism in favor of optimism makes the road leading to that silver lining much smoother. There is no guarantee that the silver lining will be found. If not, just pack up your troubles in your old kit-bag, and smile, smile, smile.

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