Unfinished Business

The Cleveland Indians have adopted "Unfinished Business" as their battle cry for the 2014 season. The PR people would have the fans believe that the team will be taking care of business and bring a championship to Cleveland this year. Judging from the team's pitching so far this season, one might speculate that by the end of April the Indians will be finished and all that Cleveland sports fans will be interested in is the NFL Draft. I doubt that they will be finished that early. Chief Wahoo has other plans. The Chief has unfinished business also. As long as he is denied retirement, he will see to it that the Cleveland Bunglers, aka Cleveland Indians flirt with success all season long but in the long run will carry over "Unfinished Business" to 2015.

The powers to be in the Indians front office just cannot accept that the Cleveland Indians have been cursed by an aging Chief Wahoo. They dilly dally with block C as the team symbol but still put the Chief Wahoo patch on uniforms. They are reluctant to cut ties with the Chief for fear of losing fans. Still they push the Chief in the background. They ought to unequivocally declare the Chief retired. Give him a box seat and let him root for the Indians rather than curse them. Failing that action, the team's management should have the guts to declare that the Chief will remain as the team's mascot until hell freezes over. As the Chief would say, "Shit or get off the pot".

Having said that - GO TRIBE!

(As of 4/30/2014, the Indians are in complete control of last place in the AL Central. La maledizione!)

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