Who's in the hot seat?

Britain's House of Commons voted not to approve a military strike against Syria. The debate took a few days. Now we have the spectacle of our Congress starting a debate on the same subject. Judging by today's hearing before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Syria's Assad should have no fear of a military strike by the United States in the very near future. By the time Congress has exhausted its hearings in the Senate, hearings in the House, a debate on the floor of the Senate and a debate on the floor of the House, members will be too exhausted to vote.

Unless the United States has been attacked, Congressional approval of military action is not an efficient process. Obama must have known this before he asked for Congress to approve his taking action against the government of Assad. What's he trying to prove? I hope it is not his way of obliterating that red line he hastily drew.

 I'm not sure who is in the hot seat, Obama or Congress. One thing for sure, the American people waiting out  the outcome of all the hot air and posturing are feeling the heat.

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