What's in a Headline?

Choosing a few words to convey the main point of an article can be a challenge. The result sometimes lends itself to misinterpretation. A few that caught my eye recently ( it didn't hurt):

 Efforts to Recruit Poor Students Lag at Some Elite Colleges (New York Times 7/31/13) - Should come as no surprise. It is much easier to recruit good students. Furthermore, college is meant for good students.

NSA officials grilled over phone records (The Plain Dealer 8/1/13) - Grilling over charcoal would have been preferable. In either case, it's a violation of the 8th Amendment which prohibits cruel and unusual punishment.

New Tools for Keeping the Lights On (New York Times 7/31/13) - What's wrong with a light switch?

Peace Camp wraps up to the beat of drums (The Plain Dealer-8/2/13) - Sounds like a call to arms.

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