No Plain Dealer by the garage door

Monday, August 5, 2013 - opened garage door, reached for The Plain Dealer, got zilch. Of course! No home delivery! Not until Wednesday. Then not until Friday and then Sunday. Should mention the bonus (whatever that is) on Saturday. Home delivery is now an event. Need to mark my calendar.

 The good news is that I can get to my computer and view The Plain Dealer e-edition. The bad news is that The Plain Dealer e-edition is not very user friendly. In fact it is a user turn off. Oh well, getting my news from The New York Times on line won't be so bad. Actually it will be just fine.

The Plain Dealer spinners would have me believe that they are doing me a favor by bringing me into the twenty-first century as far as news delivery is concerned. If more newspapers follow their strategy, the role of newspapers for news delivery will go the way of dinosaurs.

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