It takes $$$$ to be a libertarian

I never paid much attention to libertarians until Ron Paul ran for the Republican presidential nomination. Even then, I dismissed the whole idea of libertarianism as much ado about nothing. How wrong could I be? Very wrong!

 I perused cleveland.com (powered by The Plain Dealer) this morning (it's Tuesday- no home delivery) and was drawn to this headline:

Will Libertarian Amazon-Washington Post owner order Rand Paul endorsement?

Jeff Bezos a libertarian? I didn't know that. The Koch brothers, libertarians. Didn't know that either. Obviously I'm not very informed. Now I know why I dismissed libertarianism as much ado about nothing. I'm just not greedy enough or more importantly, rich enough to be a libertarian.

Unless you have tons of money it does not pay to be a libertarian ( or is it an ass). Only the very rich have the luxury of actively promoting the idea of a minuscule federal government. Let the rest of us eat cake.

Jeff Darcy's editorial cartoon prompted this post. Hope he doesn't mind that it is gracing this blog.

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