About OCD

My favorite TV show --- make that one of my favorite TV shows --- or would it be more accurate to say ---- actually write ---- I liked watching Monk on TV. For some reason or other, which I can’t recall, he reminded me or better yet I associated with him. I didn’t really associate with him, so perhaps I should leave it that he reminded me. That still does not make the point. He reminded me of me. Is that too many me’s? If I pose a question do I need to answer it? Oh my, that’s two questions so far and I really don’t know how to answer them without looking stupid. I wish I hadn’t posed the questions. I could delete them but I’m too far along. Monk would have deleted them. Maybe I should delete them - they really do not have anything to do with what I’m writing. Or do they? I do want this short essay to be perfect. Getting something perfect just drives me nuts. I know this isn’t perfect but it’s much better than the first draft. If I keep typing it will get better but that could go on all night. As a matter of fact, I probably have made my point. I hate “probably”. Either I did or I didn’t. Why don’t I call this my second draft and leave it at that. I have all day tomorrow to work on it. Some of the grammar and punctuation sucks. Is that a cliché? Clichés are trite and I sure don’t want this to be trite. I’ll ask the High Primal to check my grammar and punctuation. Yes that’s what I’ll do. Even if everything is grammatically correct this will need a lot of work. Someone once told me that anyone with an obsessive compulsion disorder should not be a writer. Actually that’s not true. How else can a perfect essay be written? 


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