Adding Insult To Injury

Future Rock star
Every now and then, Toby the Toyota demands that I navigate him to his favorite drinking spot, the neighborhood Shell station. Usually the stop is uneventful except for the ever increasing price of Toby's favorite drink. Luckily Toby does not demand top shelf; regular suits him just fine. Our most recent stop proved to be traumatic, at least for me. Some asshole had decided that it would be a good marketing gimmick if while satisfying an auto's thirst, there was music playing at the pump. Perhaps the intent was to take some one's mind off the dollars ticking away while the Toby's of this world satisfied their insatiable thirst. Bad marketing ploy! The music is trash, the audio is garbage. The oil company only succeeded in adding insult to injury.

I had a little talk with Toby as we drove away tanked up. He just had to learn to quench his thirst. Better yet, I asked him to come up with a drinking spot where all we heard was the click, click of the gas pump. If he didn't cooperate, I threatened to replace him with someone who just soaked up electrical juice.

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