Goodbye Fuji, Hello Toby

Fuji The Corolla, aka Fuji The Toyota, has been put up for adoption. It was the most merciful action to take. He had endured three years of bad mouthing from the High Primal. Nothing about him seemed to satisfy her. It came to the point where he was no longer welcome in our garage.

Fuji and I went through some trying times together. I nursed him through his sudden acceleration syndrome and stayed up with him while he underwent an accelerator pedal implant. We bonded! Unfortunately he never bonded with the High Primal.

After consulting with SPCA, The Society For The Prevention of Cruelty To Automobiles, it was deemed that Fuji was still a youngster, hardly broken in and would be welcomed into the garage of many families. I ran Fuji through the best car wash I could find, revved up his engine once more and took him to the Toyota dealer . He was promptly certified as a hot deal. That was a few days ago. The garage still does not seems the same without Fuji.

True to form, the High Primal poo -pooed my attachment to Fuji and informed me that Japanese cars are very stoic and didn't give a shit about who drove them as long as they got their oil changed now and then. Fuji's replacement? The High Primal had her heart set on a Matrix. It turned out that so did many other drivers and the Matrix was in short supply and pricey. Her second choice was a RAV4. I hope that the RAV, or Toby as he is now known, does not end up in therapy over being second fiddle to a Matrix.

 It turns out that Toby  has a ravenous thirst as compared to Fuji's camel like thirst. I'm sure that's why Toyota christened him as a RAV. I'm also sure this will not sit well with President Obama. I can quell his disapproval later with a donation to Obama For America. I must say that when it comes to cars it is difficult to satisfy everyone but the High Primal's approval trumps that of POTUS every time.

It will take a few days, but I'm sure I will develop an attachment for Toby in spite of his thirst. Already Toby has impressed me with his stature on the road. He stands head and shoulder over most cars. I guess that's what the high primal was looking for.

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