Dia Nacional de Siesta

I feel guilty as all hell. Today of all days, I missed my daily afternoon nap. What hurts is that watching the local news tonight, I learned that today was "National Nappers Day". I never knew that there was such a day. If I had known , I would have napped this morning as well as this afternoon. For good measure , I would have napped while in the blogosphere.

As an avid napper I was disappointed that no one sent me flowers or even a card as a reminder of this important day. Those who ordinarily care about my well being were probably napping. National Napping Day in this country should not be taken lightly.

 Our neighbors to the south have been observing it every day for centuries. They prefer to call it "Dia Nacional de Siesta". The fact that we have joined our sleepy compadres in the celebration of naps, is evidence of the growing influence of Latinos in our national affairs. The next thing you know, Cinqo de Mayo will become a national holiday. Of course everyone in Washington is too busy napping while Spanish becomes our national language by default.

I don't know whether or not "Il Giorno di Sonnonino" is celebrated in Italy. If it is , I hope its not on Tuesday. One hundred Cardinals taking a snooze during their Conclave to elect a Pope would not bode well for the Catholic Church. Come to think of, they must have gone into a deep sleep when they elected the last Pope.

All this musing about naps has taken its toll on me. One more shot and I'm off to bed. Who the hell keeps track of all these days. It seems like they all run into to each other. Oh my God, Sunday is St. Patrick's Day and my High Primal will be pissed if I don't come with some sort of a celebration. I'll never get any sleep now. Wonder if she would go for a case of green beer?

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