Will Downton Abbey downsize to Downtown Abbey?

From what I 've read in the sports pages this morning about the NFL playoff games, my afternoon nap yesterday was a good idea. My nap served me well as far as Downton Abbey was concerned. Watched all two hours last night. I must say - that Downton Abbey bunch is a good representation of the English aristocracy who most certainly started the decline of the British Empire.

I had previously written that I was most anxious to find out if Bates was making any headway on being released from prison. Quite a bit of footage was devoted to Anna visiting Bates in prison. My problem is that their conversation left me a bit confused. You see, I have a problem with the King's English ( also the Queen's English). I only comprehend a quarter of what I hear. No matter, the High Primal understands every word and assured me that there was light at the end of the tunnel for Bates.

As for the rest of the story line last night there were so many subplots that I'm not quite sure what is going on. The one thing I'm sure of is that Lord Grantham pissed away most of Lady Grantham's money and may have to move from Downton Abbey to a smaller place like Downtown Abbey. His financial problems rival the debt ceiling problem of the United States. In spite of being essentially impoverished he puts on a good show. Where he gets the money to pay his army of servants is a mystery. Somehow or other he has no problem raising his debt ceiling. Obama should watch this TV series in order to pick up some clues on raising our debt ceiling.

I'm hooked for a few more episodes. Downtown... I mean....Downton Abbey may even preempt the Superbowl.

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