Whither Gun Control?

The more I read about the National Rifle Association and its position on gun control, the more I fear the power of the NRA. The more I see of interviews with its rank and file members, the more I fear the NRA. It may not be a stretch to liken the rise to power of the NRA to the rise to power of a fascist entity. It shakes me up to think that these gun cradling egomaniacs might even resort to violence to make sure that gun control does not go forward.

Gun control measures that the  Obama administration is proposing  should be a no-brainer for Congress, yet already we hear members of Congress declaring these controls dead on arrival. The NRA has infiltrated Congress to the extent that the probability is high that we will be short changed again when it comes to meaningful gun control. Nonetheless, it's worth the fight - one of these days the overwhelming majority of Americans will declare, "Enough is enough". If Congressmen were really listening to the American people over the din of the NRA cash flowing to their pockets, they would realize that day is closer than ever.

Here's hoping that President Obama and "Sheriff" Biden have success in the battle ahead.

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