Downton Abbey Episode 2

I anxiously tuned into Downton Abbey, Episode 2 of Season 3 last night.  I should have watched The Golden  Globe Awards.

Episode 2 centered around the possible downsizing of Downton Abbey and the marriage of Lady Edith to a one armed old geezer who looks as though he may have lost his penis as well as an arm. Looks can be deceiving.  I'm sure Lady Edith had already checked that possibility out.

It turns out that Lord Grantham has an ace up his sleeve as far as new living quarters are concerned. He still owns a a country home which he plans to call Downton Manor. A country home? The place looked like a country mansion. How he planned to keep it up without an army of servants is beyond me. Not to worry, at the last minute Matthew comes to the rescue. While all the shenanigans at Downton Abbey were going on he inherited a fortune which he graciously will share with Lord Grantham. Whoever came up with that game plan should be sent back to drama school.

As for Lady Edith's marriage to the elderly, one armed Sir Anthony Strallan a grand affair unveils in Downton Abbey. The costumes are fabulous and the bride is eager. Sir Anthony looks like he is mesmerized but does the right thing at the wrong time, The SOB decides not to go through with the wedding. He chose to do so before a gallery of guests and the minister. Soap opera at its best!

I must say, I didn't bargain for a soap opera when I signed on to Downton Abbey but it looks like that is where things are headed. If this continues, I may watch the Superbowl after all. Oh I forgot, my favorite character, Bates, Is still incarcerated. The only progress he's making is becoming a hardened inmate. Anna is still looking for evidence which will get him released. Too bad she can't afford a PI.

ed note: The Golden Globe Awards came up with zip for Downtown(neglect the w) Abbey.

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