Downton Abbey, Season 3, Episode 3

Tore myself away from the AFC Championship game to watch tonight's episode of Downton Abbey. The storyline line tonight left me as confused as the play calling in the football game. I must say the Downton Abbey people know how to turn a life of luxury into a life full of turmoil.

 Episode 3 revealed that Downton Abbey has been mismanaged. The confusing part of that is that we already knew that Lord Grantham blew a fortune in bad investments. Mismanaging the Abbey is in keeping with his financial skills. The episode leaves us wondering what Matthew is going to do about this now that he is Grantham's partner. I predict that Lady Mary will convince him to shove the whole matter under the bed or he's out of her bed.

As long as I'm going out on a limb, I also predict that James, the new footman hired in this episode, will end up in Mr. Barrow's bed by Episode 5.

By far the most intriguing part of tonight's program was Lady Edith's emergence as a woman's rights advocate. I'll bet her antics will really shake up her old man. He's already on the verge of a breakdown because of the antics of a pregnant Lady Sybil and her IRA husband . Come to think of it, mismanaging Downton Abbey is a natural fallout for anyone who has daughters like Lord Grantham's.

I'm still very confused about Bates. He's still in prison and finding it tough to communicate with Anna. It seems that the British penal system doesn't believe in timely delivery of mail to prisoners. Bates finally got a bunch of letters from Anna and is smiling again. The prison authorities also released a bunch of his letters to Anna and she's having a ball reading them. No hint as to where the writers are going with Bates' situation. I predict that he will blow the joint, grab Anna, stow away on a boat headed for New York, change his name to Gonzalez and live happily ever after as an undocumented immigrant in the good old USA.

The most disturbing part of tonight's episode was the ex-maid who became a prostitute so she could support herself and her infant son. I thought she was doing OK but evidently not. She tearfully gave up her son to his rich grandparents. I doubt we have seen the last of her but I bet she will end up making some statement about syphilis.

All in all tonight's episode was more like a downtown alley.

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