About Old White Men

I’ve become an old white man and I don’t like it. Every time I pick up the newspaper there’s a quote from some asshole complaining about old white men or a poll assocaiting them with the far right. It seems old white men are responsible for the entire conservative advocacy going on and if left to their ways will return this country to the days of robber barons and puritanical society.

What really annoys me is that I have not always been an old white man. Obviously I was young once but I was not always white. In my younger days I was swarthy (I wonder if my being swarthy had anything to do with Hannibal crossing the Alps?). Being swarthy had its humorous moments. A countless number of times I was accused of having slipped away to Florida where I got a sun tan. Actually I liked being swarthy. It set me apart from the pale faces.

The years however have taken their toll and now I’m as pale as most Caucasians. I can live with that but I refuse to be labeled an old white man with all of its political implications. Even the thought of voting for Republican - or should I say Tea Party- values makes me nauseous. Some of us old white men actually think like old white women. Somehow or other that didn't come out right. Suffice to say, the hell with the polls, all old white men were not created equal.

As you can see from this post, I should more accurately be cast as an old white curmudgeon.

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Sigi Me said...

Tony, great blog. Thanks for all your comments on mine (sigilicious). I'm a lot paler as I get older, too. I was called the N word as a kid. Now I get called pasty.