Shame on our UN Palestinian vote

Count me in the minority. I don't feel that the United States fulfilled its role as a world leader when it opposed the bid of the Palestinians for an observer role at the United Nations. We should have at least taken a page out of the German foreign policy playbook and abstained from voting on the issue.

It was one more example of our foreign policy being held hostage by the Jewish-American vote. In turn we get a slap in the face from the Israeli who immediately announced a plan to expand settlements in East Jerusalem. Just in time for Christmas.

Arguments that the recognition of Palestine  as an observer state is unnecessary for the Palestinians to achieve their goal of statehood fail to convince me. I can't help but think how our forefathers would have reacted if urged to be patient rather than take to the battlefield to achieve freedom from the English yoke.

Diversity is a strength of this country. Playing to diversity for political gain is a weakness and is wrong.

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