Giving Tuesday Gets A Bye

Today is Giving Tuesday? Who the hell came up with that? I understand that today I'm to open up my heart along with my checkbook and donate to my favorite charity. Simple enough, except a chain of events has complicated things.

 Giving Tuesday comes after Monday aka Cyber Monday. Cyber Monday came after Sunday which no one has renamed yet which means it must have been Generic Sunday. Generic Sunday came after Small Business Saturday. Small Business Saturday came after Black Friday which came after Thanksgiving Thursday aka as Macy's Parade Thursday. Macy's Parade Thursday came after Thanksgiving Day Shopping Wednesday. Whew! It's been a busy week leading up to Giving Tuesday.

 Now for the checkbook. Holy cow, after trying to keep up with all of Madison Avenue's exhortations the checkbook is begging for mercy. It looks like Giving Tuesday will have to take a bye.

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