Happy Hannukkah and Merry Christmas while I'm at it

I spent the last hour listening to the music of Hanukkah. Beautiful! I couldn't help doing my imitation of a  Cantor until the High Primal questioned whether I was doing the music justice. Running through my mind throughout the musical program were the current events in the Middle East which are hardly compatible with the joyous Hanukkah music. Will Jews, Christians and Muslims ever share " Peace On Earth"? I'm pessimistic but as long as we can find time during the year to play and sing joyous songs of faith there is hope. Music and love can be strong weapons. Add a little humor and we have an arsenal. As an aside the commentator put it all in perspective when he said, "When Jews celebrate, they eat. When they suffer, they eat". I always thought this was typical only of Italians - just goes to show that food may be another weapon toward achieving "Peace On Earth".

Happy Hanukkah to all  and to all a Merry Christmas, as incongruous as it may sound.

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