Coronation of POTUS

It seems that the inauguration of a President is an expensive affair. Obama is seeking about 100 million to be coronated as President of the United States (POTUS) on January 20, 2013. I haven't received an e-mail yet inviting me to contribute. Perhaps it is in my Spam box.

POTUS' Inaguration Ball Outfit
 Before I'm tarred and feathered for taking Obama to task for turning an inauguration into a coronation, let me be clear that he is only following protocol. Lavish inaugurations know no party affiliation. What he is planning to spend is less than what was spent for recent inaugurations. The poor man really has no choice but to put on a show for all his fat cat financial supporters who will be paying for the spectacle. Oh yes, donations from fat cats and corporations are now welcomed. Now that he has flip flopped on where the money for the coronation is to come from, his choice of wardrobe will be much easier than Michelle's. A jump suit Ala NASCAR with all the sponsor patches would be a hit.

For those of us who do not own a tuxedo or NASCAR suit and do not plan to attend any of the inauguration balls, we have a message for the President. A visit by the Chief Justice of SCOTUS to the Oval Office to administer the oath of office to POTUS would suffice.  Dare you do this Mr. President? All of us 99 percenters would be much more optimistic about the economic growth of this country if you did.  Oh well, when we go off the "fiscal cliff" in the next few days, I'm sure you will reconsider your inaguration plans.


Charles Leck said...

A hundred million! What's a hundred million here or a hundred million there? Why pennies are out-dated and may as well not be produced any more. Very soon it will be the twenty and then the fifty. My, God, man, how are you going to throw a decent ball or two for less than a hundred million? Why, how many billions did the campaign cost? Just send him a twenty-spot as a contribution toward the campaign. Let's see, if a mere five million of us do that, then the inauguration costs are covered. Why don't you put this together in your spare time.

Tony Rugare said...

The check is in the mail.