The Unmentionables

I'm not going to mention what is really going on with superstorm Sandy. I'm taking my cue from Campaign 2012. There are least two unmentionables during this epic (as in costly) campaign. I can't mention them ( if they pop up it is merely a slip on the keyboard) but they do have something to do with weather and massacres.

As for the weather, it is changing.That's not unusual. Weather is supposed to change but why is it getting to be so catastrophic? Could it be climate change, a.k.a. global warming? Evidently, in the spirit of bipartisanship, it has been decided that what we are seeing throughout this country of ours is weather change and nothing more. Global warming is an unmentionable.

As for the massacres, Campaign 2012 has decided that the National Rifle Association knows best. Massacres have been going on long before guns were invented, so we can't blame today's problems on the proliferation of guns - at least not if we want to win an election.

As for these unmentionables (dare I mention global warming and gun control), we can at least be content with bipartisanship at work. Republicans and Democrats alike have swept the issues under the rug at least for now.

Next week we will go to the polls and vote. Nowhere on the ballot will we have an opportunity to express our views on the unmentionables. Well, maybe there is. If we re-elect Obama, we have the best chance of climate issues and gun control issues being tackled. Re-election should give him the balls to fight The NRA and big business.  After all, he can't run for a third term so he might as well go for it- Congress be damned.

It is not enough to express condolences in the after effects of a 'Sandy' or a 'Columbine'. It is not enough to commit ourselves to rebuilding. We need a commitment to do the things to keep us from destroying ourselves.

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