Science Indeed Is The Key To Growth.

Neal F. Lane makes a good case for the importance of science and technology in fueling our economic engine in his NY Times op-ed column, Science Is The Key To Growth. As Mr. Lane puts it, "it is astonishing that Mr. Romney talks about economic growth while planning deep cuts in investment in science, technology and education. They are among the discretionary items for which spending could be cut 22 percent or more under the Republican budget plan, according to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities." Astonishing indeed.

He also points out that "According to the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the plan, which Mr. Romney has endorsed, could cut overall nondefense science, engineering, biomedical and technology research by a quarter over the next decade, and energy research by two-thirds."
For a man who touts himself as a smart business man, Romney sure looks stupid when it comes to science and technology. Science and technology made this country. Science and technology created the jobs that made the American dream possible. Science and technology gave us the semiconductor devices which put the information age in every one's hands.
If we needed a reason to sit Romney in a corner with a dunce cap it is his Luddite view of scientists and engineers in our society. I guess he may even consider them another segment that is irrelevant. It is obvious that this man became a billionaire not because of the use of technology but because of his abuse of technology. 
I don't know how November 6th will play out. I do know that I dread the thought of a Romney presidency. We sorely need Barak Hussein Obama for another four years. 


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