Turning The Pages

Reading a good mystery book is an experience in restraint. As the plot thickens and the author teases with red herrings, the pages are flipped with abandon. The temptation to turn the pages to the final few in order to determine whether or not the “butler did it” is overwhelming. When the final page does arrive, the emotions are far ranging - from disappointment to elation,

Living life is not unlike reading a mystery book. Surprises abound and anxiety rules the day. Life can be perplexing, challenging and frustrating. Life is reluctant to reveal its mysteries. There is always the temptation to turn the pages to the final page. Some succumb to that temptation and leave behind more questions for others than they care to have and a hurt that never heals. Others prefer to read every word of life’s story and turn the pages slowly. When the final page is reached the meaning of life is revealed. Life was not a mystery story after all, it was an adventure.



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