Bronx Bombers Bombing Out

On October 5, 2012, in a fit of nostalgia I picked the Yankees to go all the way in October ( Damn Yankees). Here we are on October 14, 2012, and the Yankees are sucking hind tit to the Detroit Tigers - down 2 games to none. In retrospect, I should not be surprised. It has nothing to do with the Bronx Bombers imitating strike out kings. It has nothing to do with bad officiating. It has nothing to do with Derek Jeter breaking his ankle. It has a lot to do with my ability to pick a winner. I'm afraid that I may have cursed the Yankees. Sure, it's a best of seven series. All they have to do is beat Verlander twice, put some cork in their bats and pay off the umpires. No, they're done - you can stick a fork in them.

I'm through as a prognosticator. I might pick Obama to win the election. I'm pulling for him - I'm just afraid I will curse his chances if I go all out and proclaim him the winner in November. No, no! No politicking until after November 6.

Hell, just one more for the road. The Cardinals will win the National League pennant and the Yankees will beat their ass in the Series. If that works, I might get back to blogging about politics.
Damn Yankees!

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