The Great Debate

To watch or not to watch. That is the question and I do not have an answer yet. The hours are dwindling by to a precious few and soon I must step up to the bar and decide whether or not to watch the Obama-Romney debate tonight. Methinks that as long as I'm going to the bar , I'll order a few stiff drinks to help me make my decision. Watching the Yankees clinch the AFL Eastern Division title is an attractive alternative to the debate. Watching the Indians play in an empty stadium is not an attractive alternative - it will take a "lost Weekend" worth of drinks to make me watch them - I'd probably think they were going to the playoffs.

 I've listened to Obama and Romney so much in the past few months that I don't see why I should waste my time watching them tonight. I'm just about convinced that I should watch the Yankees. By the way, I've adopted the Yankees as my favorite to win the the Series. The nice thing about that is, if they don't, I won't really give a shit - damn Yankees.

I don't know why I'm having this great debate. After all, the High Primal will make the final decision and she could care less about baseball. I also forgot to mention that I've already voted by mail. Hope Obama doesn't fuck up.

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Charles Leck said...

Do what Charlie is doing and record it and watch early in the morning. I understand Charlie would have lost a bet to you if you had accepted his offer. The poor Twins. Charlie is depressed about it.
Anne Leck