For What It's Worth

The Giants beat the crap out of the Tigers last night 8-2. The sports experts have all sort of takes on this unexpected outcome. Not surprisingly, most comments have a lot to do with the Tigers' Verlander and the Giants' Sandoval - the big bust and the big bomber. Not one sportswriter has come up with the real culprit behind the Tigers ineptness. It wasn't Verlander's fault. The guy was a victim; a victim of the New York Yankees. The damn Yankees doomed the Tigers when they caved in during the ALCS and dropped four straight games to Detroit. New York knew they didn't have a shot to get into the series, so they deliberately embarrassed themselves. The strategy? Make it so easy for the Tigers in mid October that they would be as as rusty as a Model A in late October. Sour grapes on the part of the Yankees but it's working so far.

The other factor behind the Tigers loss last night was the Giants. Yes the Giants had something to do with the Tigers loss. Not so much their bats and pitching - their looks. The Giants are the scariest looking team in all of baseball. They make Al Qaeda look like a bunch of altar boys. I wouldn't want to meet Angel Pavan in a dark alley. That Pence guy looks like he would like to use his bat to bash a few heads. And those beards - enough said. It was almost like watching a bunch of hoodlums playing a Little League team; one exception - that Posey guy looks almost normal. I don't blame the Tigers for running for cover.

So where do we go from here? Beats the shit out of me. Damn Yankees!

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