Bring Back The Toga

It appears that Ralph Lauren has done the impossible. He's awakened our sleepy Congress. Everyone is lining up to condemn the USA uniform for the 2012 Olympics-- not for the fashion statement the uniform makes, but because it is made in China.

Sen. Harry Reid was especially hurt and in no uncertain terms expressed his displeasure. I'd be willing to bet that he wears underwear made in China.

I don't like the uniforms either. They are too military looking. I suppose   Lauren was trying to make a statement as to who we are. I have a simple solution for this Olympic uniform bit. Bring back the toga! After all, the Olympics were started by toga-wearing athletes. You say that some did not bother with the toga. Not a bad idea. Just think how NBC' s television ratings would soar.

( published as  a letter to the editor ,"Go vintage Olympic style", in The Plain Dealer, 7/17/12)

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