What price privacy?

The most uninteresting person in the world - on the left
Just finished reading Consumer Report's expose on privacy. The emphasis was on Facebook but I suspect that Twitter and even Blogger are targets for invasion of our sacred privacy. I'm flattered to think that someone is lurking in blogoshere to usurp my identity. I would forewarn them that they are barking up the wrong tree. To assume my identity, the would be usurpers will be doomed to being the most uninteresting  person in the world ( my apologies to Dos Equis). Just to play safe, upon Consumer Report's  recommendation I have removed my John Barrymore image from Twitter and Facebook. Blogger for the time being will have to put up with my true image.

I wonder if all this privacy crap has something to do with the phone call I got today. I have won 5.5 million dollars. The caller did not want my bank account number or my my credit card number. He, in broken English, just wanted me to confirm that I was who I was. Of course I am who i am. Am I a millionaire? I wouldn't be wasting my time on blogger if I was.

After seeing some of my more recent images, I'm seriously thinking of changing my Blogger image. Not in the interest of privacy but in the interest of propriety.

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Charles Leck said...

Sir: Your image is be just fine the way is. Not change please because WE use current one in for some of our shenanigans.