Cinco de Mayo

    Cinco de Mayo is a day to celebrate. The question is what. After stocking up on enchiladas, tacos, nachos and a case of Dos Equis, I find that Cinco de Mayo isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. A day to celebrate Mexican independence? Wrong. I was dismayed to learn that we’re the only ones who make a big deal about Cinco De Mayo.
Mexico's Independence Day is actually celebrated on September 16. Only the people in the Mexican region of Puebla make a big deal about Cinco de Mayo (the Mexican Army scored a victory over French forces at the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862). So why do we make such a hoopla out of May 5? My best guess is that it’s an excuse for Mexican Americans to party and for Mexican restaurants to increase their bottom line. After all the Irish Americans have their day, so why not the Mexican Americans. Besides, I need an excuse to feast on all those enchiladas, tacos , nachos and Dos Equis I stocked up on. Beats the hell out of corned beef and cabbage and Harpers.

     Actually this year Cinco de Mayo is a day for the High Primal and I to celebrate. Our youngest granddaughter, Kelly, will receive her Bachelor's degree, magna cum laude, from Kent State University. The family will celebrating with her at, where else, a Mexican restaurant.

    As luck will have it, today is also Derby Day. The High Primal and I make it a point to do some celebrating on Kentucky Derby Day. No mint juleps this year. I’ve got all that Dos Equis to get rid of, as well as a few nachos, enchiladas and tacos. I'd put my money on Secretariat but I can't find a bookie to take my bet.

      ONLY 60 MORE DAYS TO JULY 4. Need to stock up on hot dogs and Budweiser to celebrate my favorite INDEPENDENCE DAY.

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