Facebook Billionaires Are Boring

I'll be glad when the Facebook IPO dust settles and it becomes yesterday's news. The media has gotten through to me that we now have new millionaires and a few new billionaires. I'm supposed to be impressed but I'm not. I must admit that I am jealous but I'll get over it when I come to terms with my limitations.

So this is what the American Dream has come to. No great novel has generated millions for the author. No new industry has been born with plants employing thousands of people. No technological breakthrough which will saves lives or make lives better. I must confess that I'm not quite sure what makes the Facebook concept worthy of spawning zillionaires.

 Social media? I wouldn't spend a dime to make it a necessary part of my life. Obviously others are willing to spend much more. When all these cute computer games, stupid smart phones and social media interaction suck up what's left of our wealth, where will we bury the American Dream? Actually we shouldn't worry. China will see to it that our Dream gets a respectful burial.

I respect creativity in the form of the Arts. I respect scientific research. I respect the application of technology to create better products. I tolerate the social media. I'm sure Zuckerberg and his associates will enjoy their wealth. I question whether they have earned it.

In the interest of full disclosure, I must admit that I'm too lazy to play computer games and too cheap to get a smart phone.  I do wish I had thought of the Facebook concept but I would have preferred to invent the transistor or write "Turandot".

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