Run For Cover Law?

I'm beginning to wonder if blogging, at least the kind of  blogging which can be regarded as inflammatory, is such a good idea these days. Why? If someone, for whatever reason feels threatened by my opinions or position on issues, they might very well take advantage of  the liberal Stand Your Ground Laws that the N.R.A. is promoting. The N.R.A. has been engaged in a surge, a surge backed by political blackmail to secure the passage of laws expanding when and where a gun may be used. They are lobbying effectively for broadening the definition of 'being threatened'. The N.R.A. is convincing one legislature after another that the places where a concealed gun may be carried need to be expanded.

 I'm sure that a post such as this might come under the category of a threat - a threat to deny someone their  "God given right" to bear arms and use of those arms as they see fit. In the face of action that might be taken to wipe out a perceived threat by my blogging, I should probably run for cover ( is there a Run For Cover law that I can take advantage of?). It hasn't come to that yet, but give the N.R.A. time and money and it won't be so far fetched. Run for your life!

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Charles Leck said...

Stand tall and speak your mind, my friend. Just practice your ducking.