High Primals And Junk Mail

An important part of a High Primal's leisure hours is reviewing and absorbing the content of junk mail. When told that the USPS was in trouble the High Primal had this to say:

I’m suffering at the prospect that our once vaunted mail system will leave me in the lurch. I don’t get much mail in the form of personal letters anymore but I do love my junk mail.

It used to be fun to take pen in hand , write a letter and receive a written letter in response. No more, its all texting, twittering or e-mail. I would love to write a love letter to Tony but that would be overkill since he’s underfoot all the time. Besides the price of stamps is out of site. Sorry USPS, e-mail it is ( I’d try texting, but my thumbs get in the way.)

Tony tells me that spam e-mail is almost like junk mail but he doesn't know what he is talking about. He hates junk mail.

If the USPS loses its junk mail business, I'll be pissed. Can't Washington bail out the USPS? Why can't they get some stimulus funds? . If there was a Postmaster General in the President's cabinet the USPS wouldn’t be struggling for funds and  junk mail would be a cinch to get to my mailbox.

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Charles Leck said...

I will earnestly try to have all my junk mail rerouted to your own very mailing address just so the high primal has plenty of reading to do.