An Atheist For POTUS?

Browsing the Internet sometimes is akin to walking in a forest. A forest can be full of surprises. Now and then an interesting rock appears.  Curiosity may lead to picking up the rock only to reveal a serpent spewing venom. This Politico news story link, Franklin Graham: 'Assume' Obama is Christian', at least to me, was like picking up that rock. Franklin Graham in this interview did everything but say outright that Obama is not a Christian. According to Graham, even Romney may not be a Christian - he's sort of borderline but still a good man ( Obama did not get even a 'still a good man' nod). In Graham's opinion, Santorum certainly is a Christian and so is Gingrich. Ginrich told him he's a Christian so it must be so. Obama says he's a Christian but who is going to believe a Muslim - that is what Graham imlied. Graham is another one of those individuals who have been forgiven for their transgressions and now have a direct line to God. The problem with that line is that it has a lot of static.  I'm sick of all this interjection of religion in our politics. I would welcome an atheist or an agnostic in the office of POTUS. At least I would not deny them that office.

While I'm ranting, I might as well express my disappointment with Campaign 2012. It is much too long, the candidates lack integrity, there are too many billionaires in the background waiting to buy the presidency. It is not worth another keystroke. When November rolls around , I will cast my vote for Obama who in my opinion has more character in his little finger than all the Republican wannabes put together. I will vote for him because of his positions. Religion will have absolutely no input on my choice for POTUS.

ed note: I like POTUS. It is much more formidable than President of the United States.

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