Keep Your Pants On

The cliche` politicians would like to avoid like the plague is 'caught with his pants down'. The exploits of Herman Cain have been making headlines lately. Gary Hart played hanky panky on his fishing boat and got caught. John Edwards bit the dust last year. And then there is Bill Clinton who was literally caught with his pants down. Just an hour or so ago I was shocked to learn that Bill Richardson is under investigation for possibly violating campaign finance laws. It seems that he used money donated to him to hush up some bimbo claiming sexual harassment.. Bill Richardson sexually harassing someone? I refuse to believe it. Then again, I guess that politics stresses individuals out and sex is good therapy.

 That being said, why haven't we heard more about the sexual exploits of our female politicians. Is it because the woman are smart enough to know that you can't get screwed if you don't take your pants down?  There have been rumors about Palin but so far they are strictly rumors. It's not fair that the men are grabbing all the headlines.

 A word to the wise, don't sh#t where you work.

ed note: My apologies to Newt for ignoring his sexual exploits. On the other hand, no apology is necessary. It is my policy to ignore Mr. Grinch.

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Charles Leck said...

Oh, sometimes it hurts us (we followers)so much, however. The fall of John Edwards was so crushing to so many people who saw him as a beacon of hope in an unfair world. My goodness! Bill Richardson? I just don't want to believe it. Girls' brains are not directly wired to their genitalia as is the case, it seems, with boys.I'd like to get Marge's take on this.