In Defense of Herman Cain

To label Herman Cain as an unsuitable presidential candidate because of alleged sexual harassment and a 13 year affair is not fair ( does a 13 year affair qualify as a bigamy? Not if it's casual.)

 I don't buy into holding our wannabe presidents to the highest of moral standards. Of course, once one of them achieves the office they are free to compromise their high morals by involving us in unjust wars, ruining the economy of the country and setting us up to be screwed by powerful lobbyists and corporations. Even an occasional blow job now and then is not grounds for impeachment.

Herman Cain may very well go down the drain but it should be because of his lack of expertise on policy matters not because of his lack of expertise on sexual matters. Long before sex reared its ugly head in Cain's campaign, I had decided that he was not someone worthy being POTUS. The man is nothing but a high powered Madison Ave type. He never came to grips with the fact that slogans are not a substitute for knowledge on policy issues. My slogan for his candidacy is "nein-nein-nein". As for his sexual prowess - if that's what turns you on, have fun man, but don't forget, hell hath no fury as a scorned woman.

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Marge must be special. Give her a big kiss for me and tell her I've added meeting her to my bucket list.