God is a free agent

Game 6 of the 2011 World Series has already been designated as one of the most exciting in the annals of World Series games. Baseball sportswriters have something to write about all winter long. I'm going to write a little about Game 6 and this years World Series. I know that Texas was only one strike away from winning Game 6 and the Series. So why didn't they? Josh Hamilton did his part with a home run. Of course he has been quick to say that on his way to the plate God talked to him (I wonder if God had a batting hemet on). God interrupted his busy schedule to tell Hamilton that he was going to hit a home run.  Hamilton was careful to say that God did not tell him that Texas would win the game. As I watched Hamilton  approach the plate I thought he was talking to himself, trying to get himself psyched up. I didn't realize that he and God were having a conversation. If I had I would have checked to see if either of them had a Twitter account so that I could join the conversation. Hamilton got his home run to put Texas ahead but Texas lost the game in the 10th. What went wrong?

Ron Washington , the Rangers' Manager had the answer.  Washington has been quoted as saying, “The Lord just didn’t want this game to end in six". I would hate to think that the Lord didn't know that there are nine innings in a game and neither him nor the Baseball Commissioner had any authority to end the game in six. I'm sure that Washington was misquoted and meant that the Lord did not want the Series to end in six.

I bring this all up to make my own point as to why the Texas Rangers did not get their World Champions rings.  Mistakenly, key personnel like Washington and Hamilton thought that the Lord and/or God were on their roster. Wrong! God told me in no uncertain terms that he is a free agent too busy looking for ways to save the World from itself.

Enough about baseball until Spring Training. By then God should have made a shambles out of the Superbowl.

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