Obama, Obama! Where art thou?

Obama has been accused of being just another cheap Chicago politician. Cheap shot? Maybe not. I'm far from being a political strategist but even I wondered why The President of the United States would stoop so low as to attempt to address a joint session of Congress at the same time that a bunch of Republican presidential wannabes were debating  - correction, ranting. Worse of all this president backed down when the Orange Man who runs the House told him he was whistling Dixie to think that he could pull such a stunt. This is scary. The man we depend on to be strong when facing world leaders cannot stand up to a political hack from Ohio. The man we depend on to develop strategies to keep this nation powerful cannot even develop a strategy to address a joint session of Congress. Worse yet he agreed to a date WHEN RED BLOODED AMERICANS WILL BE WATCHING A NFL FOOTBALL GAME AS THEIR NATION CRUMBLES.

I like Obama or I should say , I like the Obama who campaigned in 2008. There is no doubt that the Bush administration left him a country in shambles. Yet he has not proven to be a strong leader. I'd say dump him if there were someone in the wings, Democrat or Republican, who could prove to be a stronger leader. The Republicans are a disaster and would do more to divide this country than to make it stronger. The Democrats? As long as Obama seeks a second term , we will not hear much about a Democrat capable of challenging him.

If Obama truly wants a second term he had better start acting like he has the balls for it. If not, get out now while there is still time for a Democrat to jump on the donkey and run. As for me,  I will cross my fingers, remember to vote and hope for the best. Good luck Obama - may the wind be at your back or better yet, wake up and kick ass.

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