Libya Back In The News

Irene was a mess but now is history. CNN has rediscovered Libya  and found it is still making history.  Libya is still the mess CNN left it in a few days ago. It is such a mess that the Obama administration is on the verge of receiving accolades for not  becoming too embroiled in Libya's rage. It appears to me that the rebels may have driven out the Qaddafi forces but there will be no new Libya. No new Libya, unless the Islamists prevail. For some time Libya probably will once again be a nation of tribes. By the way Rick Perry envisions this for the United States, as he advocates the demise of central government and the rise of tribal states.

 I hope our national debt does not take another hit in an attempt to build a nation. I don't like Ron Paul and his libertarian views but I have to agree with him on one point - get the hell out of the Mideast!

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