Joined At The Hip Revisited

 In the midst of Campaign 2008 I wrote the post, Joined At The Hip, expressing concern over  how the Jewish vote holds our politicians hostage. Four years later, as Campaign 2012 gets underway, the words in this post hardly need changing. The events going on at The United Nations over granting statehood to the Palestinians is proof of that.

Isn’t it about time we let The United Nations do its job. The world must decide the issue of statehood for the Palestinians, not a third party. Years of peace making efforts by the United States have been fruitless. I don’t think they ever had a chance. It’s unfortunate that in the process, Israel with it’s west bank settlements has created a situation making it impossible for any good faith negotiating. If The United Nations is not the place to settle this issue, I would question the need for an emasculated international organization.

Of course the United States will veto any resolution  mandating a Palestinian state. When that happens I will refurbish my bike so that I can get around when Arab oil is no longer available( they too would like to hold us hostage). The rich need not worry. Tax reductions will give them that extra cash for an electric car providing China continues to supply those rare earth materials for batteries ( they too would like to hold us hostage).

 Ah yes, that's class warfare and the Republicans would have us believe that class warfare is only a luxury the rich can afford.. So maybe Israel should be a good ally and  settle for being a small country, make peace with the Palestinians and everyone can live happily ever after. That will be the day!

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