Joined At The Hip

The presumptive presidential candidates are aggressively trying to gain the Jewish vote which requires the unqualified support and defense of Israel. This is consistent with what has historically been the position of this country in respect to a Jewish homeland. This advocacy has joined Israel and the United States at the hip and has always had the undertones of a distrust of the Muslim‘s. In spite of this distrust, Israel and the United States have laboriously come to the conclusion that peace in the Middle East is not achievable without the formation of a Palestinian state. Thus far the stubbornness of Israel and the extremism of Hamas has not resulted in any proposal resembling a viable Palestinian state. The obstacle? The Jews and Palestinians are mortal enemies. Left to their own devices the road to peace will be loaded with land mines. Until the United States tempers its unqualified support of Israel risking the ire of Jewish-Americans there will be no peace in the Middle East. Israel has a right to exist but the Palestinians also have a right to a homeland. The United States must insist ,not request, that Israel make meaningful concessions to the Palestinians in return for our support. Of course no candidate will openly take this position. In spite of campaign rhetoric, the successful candidate is to be forgiven if after taking office he performs surgery to separate the conjoined foreign policy of Israel and the United States. Only then will the peace process have a chance of succeeding.

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