The Indians Make the Playoffs (in 2012)

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 My beloved Indians will not be in the play offs - no surprise but still a disappointment. That being the case, as far as I'm concerned the baseball season has been over since early September. Call me a poor loser but aren't most losers poor? Supposedly the post season presents an opportunity for fans like me to jump on someone else's band wagon.

 I appreciate the gesture but I’m having a difficult time selecting a team to root for. Looking over the teams that will be vying for the honor of playing in the World Series I cannot help but feel that the post season also for all intents and purposes is over. The Phillies I undersatnd have already been fitted for rings. Regardless I’ll still watch the playoffs and the Series but it will be strictly for entertainment. I can’t envision any team making me rise from my recliner, pump my fist in the air and bellow out, “ Yea -------” (be my guest and fill in the blanks).

There are a couple of teams which may prompt some exuberance from me. I’m originally from New York State and the Yankees were our team. There have been occasions when nostalgia gets the best of my senses and I'm tempted to throw good judgment aside and root for the Yankees. Damn it all, I just can’t do it. It’s not so much the Yankee players as it is the rude, taunting fans that show up in Yankee Stadium. So once again I must revert to my adopted team’s battle cry - DAMN YANKEES!

I mentioned two teams. The other team is the Detroit Tigers. Why would I root for the Tigers? Very simple. I like their Manager, Jim Leyland. Leyland is Mr. Baseball as far as I’m concerned. I could develop some enthusiasm for the Tigers to go all the way but it may take a couple of drinks.

Getting back to the Indians not making the playoffs, it all boils down to this. If the Indians do not have a shot at the big prize, I really could care less about the chances of any other team. I’ll enjoy watching them play but  I’ll leave the celebrating to their fans. Still it would be nice if Jim Leyland got another World Series ring. If that becomes a reality, I wonder if the rings being made for the Phillies will appear on E-Bay?

They say there is always next year but that’s wearing a little thin in Cleveland. If the Indians don’t come through in 2012 with at least a playoff appearance, this blogger may just become a Yankee fan. Ha,ha - don’t bet on it,it would take more drinks than are good for me. They say it's only a game but it would be nice to have a winner again. Go Tribe! ( I still feel that Chief Wahoo has cursed the Cleveland Indians - get rid of him!)

ed note: Detroit will be playing Philadelphia in the World Series. Jim Leyland will start smoking again and Detroit will be the World  Champions. You can take that to the bank but don't expect any interest.

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