Afghanistan Needs Rudy

The hit TV series “The Sopranos” ended over four years ago. I didn’t get to see the last episode but I understand Tony and his mob are alive and well. According to the New York Times, they are still operating and their activities can be viewed on the TV national news several days a week. It seems that Tony has moved his home turf to Afghanistan.

Tony has changed his name to Jalaluddin Haqqani and is the capo di capo of what has become known as the Haqqani Mafia, a ruthless crime family engaged in kidnapping, extortion, smuggling and even trucking ( Pauli Walnuts insisted on the trucking or he wouldn‘t move). Demanding protection money worked so well in New Jersey that Tony could not help but go after it from businesses building roads and schools with American reconstruction funds . Read all about it in “ Brutal Crime Clan Bedevils U.S. in Afghanistan.

 Of course I have fantasized my take on the story a little ( maybe a lot) but the whole idea that a crime family is sticking it to the most powerful country in the world sounds like a something out of Hollywood. Fantastic as it may sound, I might also conclude that we have been successful at nation building in Afghanistan. When and if we leave, we will be leaving a crime organization which rivals anything we have in our democracy.

The Administration and the Pentagon are at their wits ends as to how to deal with the Haqqani Mafia. Have they ever thought about sending Rudy Giulianni there as a special envoy. He did one hell of a good job as a U.S. Attorney in whittling down the New York Mafia. I bet he would take the job if someone made him an offer he coudn't refuse. How does President Rudolph Giulianni ( like in President of Afghanistan) sound?

In the likely event that Giulianni turns down the opportunity to be a president ( at least of Afghanistan), the Administration has one sure fire solution to the Afghanistan mess. Get out as scheduled if not sooner!   

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