Hope Springs Eternal For Obama

It looks like I'll have a Social Security check on August 3 if I am to believe that The United States has averted default on its obligations. I don't completely understand the compromise reached by the White House and Congress or was it the White House and The Tea Party. If I were to attempt to put on paper what is being reported it would look like a camel and an extraordinarily ugly one at that. Not even Rembrandt could paint an appealing  landscape of the deal reached. Sadly the Democrats at this point look like the Napoleonic armies retreating from Russia. Which makes me wonder, will this debt ceiling debacle turn out to be Barack Obama's Waterloo or better yet Vietnam? Will he pull a Lyndon Johnson and not run for another term? I do hope he runs. I hope he somehow pulls a rabbit out of a hat and makes a silk purse out of a sow's ear. As they say, hope springs eternal. The real Obama has not yet surfaced in Washington. Or has he.

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